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Zanana Chips

Indonesia’s Most Favorite Banana Chips.

Let's try it, then love it at the first bite and make you miss it so much.

What is

Zanana? Did you mean Banana?

Of course it is not, It's Zanana Chips, more than just Banana. Most people call it as a pack of happiness, a famous snack, a taste of heaven, a stunning packaging, and even more.

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Variety of Flavours

Creamy Milk
Forget all the milk-flavoured chips you ever tried, because this one will be totally different and you will definitely love it!

Brown Chocolate
The mix of a crunchy banana chips wrapped with Zanana’s original recipe of chocolate seasoning will surely make you addicted!

Classy Spicy
Are you craving for spicy snack? 
Zanana Classy Spicy will give you
a perfect taste of spicy.

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Smoked Beef
A piece of banana chips flavoured with smoked beef? We are not joking, this one is a must try product of Zanana.

Green Thai Tea
The Sweet-scented of matcha green tea that is strongly attached to the piece of Zanana Chips will give you a new experience to enjoy banana chips.

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Unfortunately, people are still very hard to find where to buy Zanana Chips although they've already known what Zanana Chips is.


Would you like to help us to make Zanana Chips become available in your city?

Interested in becoming our national or international distributor? 
please kindly email us at
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